Kimi Livingston - Professional Housing Consultant

Kimi has grown up in the modular home industry and has been involved in the family business one way or another her whole life. While attending high school and later the University of Lethbridge, Kimi worked part time as a receptionist. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Kimi joined the M&K Sales team first in Airdrie and later in Red Deer where she currently lives.


Kimi strongly believes that the shopping process should be as stress free as possible and in a fun, no pressure environment. Whether you have found a standard plan that works for you, or you wish to design your dream home, Kimi is happy to sit down with you.


Kimi currently works out of her home office and comes into the show home centre on an appointment basis. Kimi is happy to work around your busy schedule. Kimi is available on her cell phone at (403) 597-1286 and is always available by e-mail.

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Some of Kimi's Testimonials
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Your Name: Monique Dancause & Bradley Drewniak
Location you purchased your home from?: 
M&K Red Deer 
Sales Person's Name: Kimi 

Where are you located?: Thornsby 

Comments: Hi Kimi,

Kimi was awesome with us! She was so patient when we did the drawings of floor plans and colors. She was also quick to return my phone calls and e-mails. Kimi also took the time to come down to the factory to show as your house once all completed. Thanks again Kimi for all your hard work.

The same goes for James - he answered questions in regards to grade beam, crawlspace, all the hook up questions etc.. he again was super at returning calls & e-mails. 

We chose the Country Manor House because we loved the floor plan and the openness of it. If someone is looking for a great country house -- check out the floorplan out this one! Has small washroom and back door great for living on the farm. 

The sales service from M&K was very good that was provided by Kimi and James. 

Anne from Caroline

My experience with M&K homes was outstanding! I was nervous going into buy a new home. I had never done anything like this before. Kim and James both went beyond there requirements to make this purchase comfortable for me and my family while we took this HUGE step In life. Even with all the choices there are in purchasing a new modular home from M&K, I felt confident that all my questions were being answered and I was making the right pick. We were keep up to date with each step we took. In no time, it was here and ready to live in! The best part of our experience with M&K is the consideration the everyone took to make sure we were happy with new place.Our home is so unique and fit for our family that I know we will be happy for years to come!

Holly & Wayne Grob
Brownfield, Alberta

A little over a year ago, we decided to buy a piece of my husbands family farm and build a home. It began as a stressful job trying to find the right place to create our forever home! We finally decided to go with M&K from red deer! A choice I will forever be thankful for. Kimi never got impatient & always went out of her way to make time for my hundreds of questions & changes! In the end she helped me create my own plan & had great insight..I'm so thankful. Kimi & James have been amazing..working hard to keep us happy and to go out of their way to make us matter. Building a home and getting everything ready has been one of the hardest and longest journeys of our lives together..made so much better because of you.Even after our home was moved, the service has remained amazing. All the workers, from the team that moved our home,to painters,to repair guys have been friendly,hard working and quick to please :) there are no words to express how happy & thankful we are to M&K & Triple M Housing for their quality work, great pricing and kindness! We love our home & are so proud of it. Thank you again a hundred times over for being such a great group ❤️

Matthew Little
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Hey Kimi,

Thanks for making this whole process easier than I thought it would be. I'm very pleased with the home, it's everything I wanted!  

Thanks for everything, 


Your Name: Landon Catt
Location you purchased your home from?: 
M&K Red Deer 
Sales Person's Name: Kimi 

Where are you located?: Stettler, Alberta

Kimi is one of the best salepeople I have dealt with in any industry. She always got back to me in a timely manner with the info I needed. Service crew is second to none, very good at taking care of the minor issues I have had. 
Thank you Kimi, James and the rest of the crew 

Your Name: Murray and Sue Jackson
Location you purchased your home from?: 
M&K Red Deer 
Sales Person's Name: Kimi Livingston - the Great

Where are you located?: Calgary, Alberta 

Comments: Hi Kimi,

We want to thank you and M&K Homes for our awesome new home!

We've been here 5 months "already?" and still look around our new home in awe. Our house-warming was a huge success and everyone commented on what a beautiful home we live in! 

All the staff at M&K are just incredible people to deal with.

Our initial contact was with Kimi Livingston through the M&K website. The M&K staff on site, in Red Deer, let us view all the homes on display, on our own, at our own pace, with no pressure. That was much appreciated, compared to the sales tactics we experienced at some their competitors.

M&K spent a lot of time and energy helping us through this process. We appreciate all the efforts put in, from the sales department, (especially Kimi), and Dave the set up crew out of M&K Lethbridge. You guys Rock!


I think our situation was unique?: We had an existing home, on an existing site. Dave, and the entire crew at M&K, were able to coach us through the entire process. M&K made sure things happened when they were supposed to. They made sure that we were in our new home for Christmas! THANK YOU ALL !!!

We would recommend M&K to anyone looking for high quality, factory built, affordable housing.

Cheers to M&K!
Murray & Sue Jackson 

Matthew and Krisha Aarsen
Barrhead, Alberta

Hi James and Kimi!

We hope you are both doing well! We would really like to thank you both for your wonderful customer service throughout the whole process of us getting our home. Overall we absolutely love our mobile home and would recommend M&K homes to anyone!

Thank you again for all your help with everything!

Take care!

Matthew and Krisha

Your Name: Ashey & Jason
Location you purchased your home from?: 
M&K Red Deer 
Sales Person's Name: Kimi Livingston

Where are you located?: Slave Lake, Alberta

Comments: From the first time that we talked to Kimi at M&K Homes we felt this was the right decision. She welcomed us with open arms and assisted us in picking our first home together. She was always available to answer all and any of the questions that I had. She sent me picture after picture of our new place. James was amazing too, he lead us through the proper process to get our home here. It arrived a day early, and was just what we wanted. We also had a issue with our financing, and they worked with us and waited for payment. They are an amazing team and amazing people. I have recommended the company to anyone that asks me where we got our new home, and have even shown it to three people, two of whom I don’t personally know. They are a great company to work! Thank you again for making my dreams come true!