Over the past 58 + years M&K Home Sales has had the pleasure of providing homes for many incredible families. Below are just a few of their stories.

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Joe and Lori Caravetta
Ian & Nicole Gunning



I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work M&K did to fix our deck. It looks wonderful and it is such a relief to have it off the "to do" list. The guys did an excellent job and we really appreciate them coming out so quickly to get it fixed.


Thank you.


Nicole & Ian

Marion & Ken Marchant - Parkbridge Estates, Lethbrige, Ab.

Mr. Sandy Oakes,
M & K Homes,
Lethbridge, AB


Mr. Oakes:


My husband, Ken and I are the recent proud owners of a M & K Modular Show Home. The Home is 20 x 76 and is a beautiful home.

Not only are we pleased with our new home, we are most pleased with the service we have received from your staff.

Our move after 23 years in the same home has been , to say the least, a nightmare. A very traumatic and frustrating experience. Frustrating in that all agencies I have had to contact regarding our move are either indifferent, just don't know their jobs or just don't care, however........the bright spot in all of this has been dealing with Randall McPhee and Jason.

From the first moment we stepped into Randall's office, he has gone all out to accommodate us, insure that all our needs are met and make valuable suggestions as well. Randall, has been a "god-sent" for us. He is one of the most pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful salesman we have EVER encountered.

We move into our new home on Saturday, Sept lst. We have left a beautiful home but the excitement of moving into a new home has certainly helped me over the pain of leaving our home of 23 years. I pity anyone who is moving that does not have someone like Randall in their corner.

Also our dealings with all other M&K staff and contractors, such as Jim Scott have been top notch. Mr. Scott is in deed a fine man. Jason is a very courteous and very knowledgeable young man as well.... Many thanks to all of these folks...

Respectfully yours,


Marion Marchant.

Colleen Shewchuk
Raymond, Alberta

Dear Dan Cayer: 


I would like to thank you for all the service and support that we received from you and your company , In the purchasing and building of our new home. We had a dream and a vision of what we wanted in our home, you not only made our dreams come true but you managed to exceed all our our expectations. Your professional help and advice played a key role with making everything happen on schedule, You also insured that all the services were in place and on time, when our new home arrived. I have been in sales for many years, And it was truly a pleasure doing business with someone who shares the same high standards of customer service as myself, I will recommend your company to all my family, friends and associates. I am truly proud to say that my home came from M&K Home Sales, and wish you and your company the very best in the future so that you can keep making dreams come true, THANK YOU. 




Colleen Shewchuk

Francis and Cynthia Catonio
Blairmore, Alberta



Dear M&K Owner:


We are very discriminating homeowners and searched far and wide for just the right company to build a new home on our ranch. We investigated M&K thoroughly and toured the factory twice before making a decision. Now that we are in our new M&K home, we are thrilled with the home and the wonderful M&K team that got us to this point. Our friends, family and neighbors have watched this process evolve and are amazed at the quality and beauty of the final product. M&K is a team effort and that team is exceptional!


First, Randall McPhee is a brilliant salesperson. He is professional, intelligent, courteous, and genuinely concerned that the consumer knows every fact and gets the very best deal offered. It was Randall who kept us interested in M&K and educated us to all the benefits of an M&K Home. His attitude never changed - even after the deal was signed. His helpfulness, ever readiness to help in any way possible and patience with our constant barrage of questions never has waivered, to this day. He is the best!


Danny, the truck driver - who has a state of the art truck and equipment - expertly and professionally brought our home to this land. He was polite and friendly and knew exactly what he was doing. Another pro.


Dave, Ken and the service team who assembled the home are wonderful, professional and will bend over backwards to make every little detail exactly as you want it.


The drywaller and painters were excellent as well. They worked diligently to achieve perfect walls and a great interior. The rounded drywall corners are a gracious addition and everyone notices them.

Jason, in Customer Service is great as well. His only interest is that you are satisfied with everything. He is easy and comfortable to work with and we are well pleased.

And, Wendy, the receptionist is also a great addition to the team. Her friendly assistance to get through to the right person, or details with the paperwork was greatly appreciated.

The cleaning team did a wonderful job as well. Thee was not one speck of drywall dust anywhere and everything else was just sparkling!

Our own contractor's were impressed with the quality plumbing, construction and fittings in our new home. If anyone is considering an M&K Home, we are testament to the fact that they are superior quality. Thanks M&K!



Francis and Cynthia Catonio - Proud Owners! Blairmore - Alberta

Donald and Matilda Farrington - Parkbridge Estates
Lethbridge, Alberta

Our thanks to M&K and their whole staff for settling us into our new Manufactured home. We found their staff to be extremely helpful and friendly. Any minor problems were quickly rectified.


Special thanks to Randall McPhee, from helping us choose a floorplan to always being available for any inquiries we had regarding the home.

We chose a Triple E (Now Triple M) home and are pleased with our purchase.

Don & Tillie
Lethbridge, Ab.

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